Promoting Construction as a Career

The construction industry is always looking for talented individuals, and we are here to promote construction as a career to schools and colleges. There are over 180 different career paths in Construction creating opportunities for everyone.

If your strengths are academic or vocational there are a broad range of trade, technical, and professional opportunities waiting for you. The Construction industry employs circa 3 million people and needs at least 250,000 new entrants.

One of our goals involves engaging with teachers and careers advisors to help them understand the range of career opportunities that the industry offers. Construction is an exciting and worthwhile career, and we work with schools to spread this message.

We run a variety of activities at schools such as: career days, fun days where the students will play Lego games to see who can build the highest tower or Build the biggest Tetrahedron in the shortest time.

We aim to show students the variety of careers the construction industry can offer.

Work Experience & Apprenticeships

One of our larger members CR Civil Engineering of Loughborough have been working closely with East Leake Academy whose Year 11 students have made a video about career opportunities in construction – one student made such a good impression that he was taken on as an apprentice in September 2017.

Since then more apprentices have been given opportunities and have now qualified and been taken on into full employment.

Construction Ambassadors’ scheme

We have several trained CITB Construction Ambassadors who are happy to visit schools to talk about construction as a career, attend careers fairs, mock interview days and much more.

Become a CITB Ambassador

CITB’s ‘Construction Ambassadors’ scheme is an opportunity for members employees to be trained in order that they can undertake a variety of events in schools and colleges to promote the Construction industry as a “Career of choice”. Please visit the Go Construct website to find out more about this opportunity.


A few of our members are involved in Heritage work and report that they are finding it difficult to attract apprentices who will become the craftsperson’s required for the future. The objective is to enthuse young people to become part of the heritage workforce by holding a series of one day workshops into schools where they can work with a crafts person undertaking one of several trades including bricklaying, carpentry, painting and decorating, plastering and roofing.

During the last 18 months we have run a number of joinery, roofing and stained glass workshops in schools.

The “rock to roof” workshop follows the journey of a piece of slate from being quarried to ending up on our roofs. Students learn how to “roof” in a safe environment and compete to produce the best-looking roof.

For the 2020/2021 academic year, we will be running a minimum of 2 workshops per month, on Wednesdays, featuring: –

  • Bricklaying – hopefully including stone masonry
  • Carpentry – including repairing sash windows
  • Painting and decorating – including wallpapering and gold leaf work
  • Plastering
  • Roofing – “rock to roof”
  • Stained glass

The workshops are intended for Year 10 students, with a maximum of 10 students per workshop.

To find out more or to book a workshop please contact Adele on 07736 521 419 or

There is an increasing demand for traditional craft skills, why not find out more about a career in building conservation and learn a Heritage Skill?

Can we support the careers team in your school? Please Contact us for more details about the construction ambassador scheme can help you.