Terms and Conditions – AFC Membership

Membership Terms & Conditions

In order to ensure a high standard of membership of Action for Construction we ask that you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions: –

1. Members must be registered as ‘in-scope’ leviable with CITB*.

2. Members must have paid their annual membership fee before they can benefit from subsidised training.

3. Group Officers can refuse a membership application and can also suspend or close existing membership at any time and without prejudice.

4. A minimum of one of the four annual meetings must be attended by a representative of the Member company.

5. Members must return the Member Training Template quarterly and in a timely manner as requested by the Group Training Officer.

6. Invoices should be paid within 7 days of invoice date. Failure to do this will result in loss/suspension of Group training benefits including the provision of free or subsidised training courses.

7. An individual cannot serve position of Chairman and Vice Chairman for more than a three-year period. Any ‘in-scope’ member can apply for these positions during the election process.

8. All free and subsidised training will be fully charged should the place be cancelled within 7 working days of course start date or the delegate/s do not show.

9. Members must adhere to the criteria set out by CITB regarding free and subsidised training offered through the Group.

COST OF MEMBERSHIP: £100.00 per year plus VAT

* Employers who are registered as in-scope leviable with CITB including those in-scope, employers who do not pay a Levy as they fall below the Small Business Levy PAYE exemption level.